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Military Law

Military Offences

Charged with a military offence?

Offences against Military Law in the United Kingdom, which are set out in the Armed Forces Act 2006 (AFA 2006), fall into two main categories; discipline offences and criminal conduct offences. 
Our experience and knowledge means we are able to provide you with the support you will need, working with you to deliver the best outcome. No matter how serious or how minor the offence, we can provide you with a comprehensive and supportive service here or in bases abroad such as Cyprus, Germany and Kenya.
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What are discipline offences?

Discipline offences are those that can only be committed by service personnel and, in some cases, by civilians subject to service discipline. These offences range from the most serious such as mutiny, assisting the enemy, misconduct on operations, hazarding a ship, and dangerous flying through a range of other offences including: 

    Absent without leave
    Misconduct towards a superior officer
    Disobeying lawful commands
    Failing to perform a duty
    Contravening standing orders
    Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline
    Disgraceful conduct
    Misconduct through drugs or alcohol, or
    Failing to provide a sample for drug testing

All of these offences can carry sentences including detention or imprisonment.

What is criminal conduct? 

Not only do we have an in-depth knowledge of discipline offences, but our lawyers also understand how criminal conduct offences are perceived and sanctioned within the military framework. 

  • The law

    Criminal conduct is covered by s42 of AFA 2006 and relates to any act anywhere in the world that, if committed in England and Wales, would be subject to civilian criminal law. Examples of such offences can be found in the Our Work section.

  • The consequences

    In addition to sentences imposed, either by Court-Martial or Commanding Officer, the effect on your future service career and promotion prospects could be substantial. You should therefore seek advice as soon as you become aware that you are, or are likely, to be investigated.

Military Law FAQs 

Your questions answered:

  • Can you represent me at the police station and at Court if necessary?

    Yes. We can be at your side from the point that an allegation is made against you, attending with you at the police station, and representing you in all courts or tribunals whatever the level, including civilian and appeal courts. Our service also extends to those who face disciplinary action through the AGAI procedures.

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    Can you help me if I am under investigation abroad?

    Yes. Investigations invariably start with an interview in a Military Police Station by the Royal Military Police (RMP) or Special Investigation Branch (SIB). If you have been arrested or advised you are under investigation you should contact us immediately.

Military Law

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Our cases

We have extensive experience of defending people on military cases ranging from high profile war crimes to the full range of offences associated with civilian courts. Please see below some of the cases we acted in. If you would like us to represent you, get in touch now.

  • 01

    SPA v V 2021 Bulford MCC

    Defendant acquitted of fighting following successful written representations drafted by Drew Pettifer.

  • 02

    SPA v N 2021 Bulford MCC

    Prosecution offered no evidence following submissions made in respect of an allegation of Conduct prejudicial to good order.

  • 03

    SPA v S 2021 Bulford MCC

    Ruth Cassidy secured the acquittal of a client charged with Assault following trial.

  • 04

    SPA v N 2018 Colchester Court Martial Centre

    Drew Pettifer acted for a member of the UK Armed Forces who was acquitted following trial on charge of Attempted Sexual assault by penetration and Sexual Assault.

  • 05

    R v M 2016 Central Criminal Court 

    Alphie Doran acted for a member of the UK Armed Forces charged with Possession of Terrorist related material.

  • 06

    R v M 2015 Winchester Crown Court

    Ruth Cassidy was successful in 2015 of defending a member of HM Armed Forces against an allegation of Rape.