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Military Defence

Military FAQs

Military FAQs

We have extensive experience of defending people on military cases ranging from high profile war crimes to the full range of offences associated with civilian courts. This experience and knowledge mean we are able to provide you with the support you will need, working with you to deliver the best outcome. No matter how serious or how minor the offence we can provide you with a comprehensive and supportive service here or on bases abroad such as Cyprus, Germany and Kenya.

  • Can you represent me at the police station and at Court if necessary?

    Yes. We can be at your side from the point that an allegation is made against you, attending with you at the police station, and representing you in all courts or tribunals whatever the level, including civilian and appeal courts. Our service also extends to those who face disciplinary action through the AGAI procedures.

  • Can you help me if I am under investigation abroad?

    Yes. Investigations invariably start with an interview in a Military Police Station by the Royal Military Police (RMP) or Special Investigation Branch (SIB). If you have been arrested or advised you are under investigation you should contact us immediately.

  • Will you travel if I am stationed abroad?

    Yes, we will. We will arrange with the RMP or SIB a date and time for your interview and arrange to be present with you.

  • Can I choose my own solicitor?

    Yes, you can. You are entitled to free legal advice for that interview from a solicitor of your choice. This also applies to interviews overseas where, contrary to some advice given, you are not obliged to accept advice or representation from a local military lawyer.

  • Will it cost me anything?

    No as long as you have not had previous representation from another firm during the investigation stage.

  • Does it matter what my rank or regiment is?

    No. Everyone is treated equally, honestly, fairly and with respect. The team at Levales has extensive experience of representing military personnel of junior and senior ranks and officers from all regiments in both court-martial and civilian courts across the full range of military and civilian offences. This includes all aspects of case preparation at every stage of the legal process (i.e. from initial interview and investigation through to the court and appeal process and the conduct of Public Inquiries) both in the United Kingdom and in proceedings conducted under military law overseas.