Call us today - 01252 523600

Call us today - 01252 523600

About Levales Solicitors

The team at Levales have been together a considerable time which has created an environment of trust, cohesion and support. The benefits to the firm’s clients in terms of service and results are incalculable.

Levales provides an end to end service from 24-hour legal advice in the police station through to Magistrates’ or Crown Court representation and onto any appeal process.

Key Benefit

  • We represent clients whether legally aided or privately funded.

Why use Levales

When you are represented by Levales, you can be safe in the knowledge that your case is being handled by someone who is robust, capable and effective. Levales have a very experienced team of solicitors who will fiercely defend your rights and help you secure the best outcome. Contact us now to discuss your case.

  • Client-focused service

    At Levales, you will always come first and your legal representation will be of the highest quality from start to finish. We will never make decisions in our interests at the expense of yours and we are proud to work in collaboration with the independent Bar.

  • Round the clock support

    We can provide 24-hour legal advice at the police station anywhere in England and Wales. We are of the firm view that many cases are won and lost by what has been said and done at the police station. Indeed, it is possible to lay the foundations of an acquittal if the right steps are taken at the police station. Conversely, not taking the appropriate advice at this stage can be fatal to your case later on.

  • Same lawyer from start to finish

    We are able to represent you from investigation through to proceedings at court and the appellate stage if necessary. We do not have designated police station or court lawyers instead we expect our staff to be able to advise and act for you throughout all stages of your case. This has the benefit for us of having more well-rounded lawyers and for you of being able to keep the same lawyer throughout your case.

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    Legal advice across England and Wales

    While the majority of our work is across London, the South and South East we undertake work all over England and Wales upon request. If you are a member of HM Armed Forces we are also able to travel abroad to represent you. Levales has extensive contacts across the UK with strong working relationships with some of the most accomplished barristers and experts within their field.


We can prepare presentations on all aspects of Criminal and Military Law. If you are a charity or volunteer organisation and would like our assistance with training and/or workshops for your organisation we would be delighted to assist. By way of example, you may work with youths and would wish them to be provided with knowledge of their rights and entitlements when they have interactions with the police.
Alternatively, you may require any adults working with children to be made aware of safeguarding issues and potential dangers relating to cyber offences and offences involving social media. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We provide these services free of charge.