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Criminal Defence

Homicide & Violent Crime

Have you been charged with homicide or a violent crime?

Homicide covers a range of offences including murder, manslaughter and infanticide. Cases such as these are often high profile and very high pressured due to the sentences associated with the offences. 
Every solicitor at Levales has experience of dealing with these types of cases. We are used to working quickly and under pressure at the beginning of such cases when quite often a second post mortem is conducted while the suspect is still in police custody. We have access to a wide range of forensic experts including, but not limited to, pathologists, toxicologists, cell site experts and psychiatrists. 
We also deal with many cases involving serious violence such as Wounding or GBH with intent, Malicious wounding and Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm. Offences such as these may involve use of a weapon such as a knife and can occur in public for example between rival gangs and in private between members of the same household or the same family. 
We have experience of defending such cases at the investigation stage (the police station), the proceedings stage (in Court) and at the appellate stage. Please contact us so we can discuss how may assist you. 

Our experience

Offences under this heading often feature the following:

    Conspiracy to Murder
    Attempted Murder
    GBH or wounding with intent
    Malicious Wounding

Criminal Defence Services

Homicide & Violent Crime Defence Lawyers based in Aldershot, UK

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At Levales Solicitors, we can provide expert legal advice for those accused of homicide and violent crimes in Aldershot, across England and further afield. We will work tirelessly to ensure the best outcome for your particular circumstances. 

As a long standing criminal practitioner I would recommend Levales without any hesitation as the go to team of solicitors. 

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Our cases

Please see below some of the cases we acted in. If you would like us to represent you, get in touch now.

  • 01

    R v R Winchester Crown Court May 2021

    Ruth Cassidy successfully defended a young mother against a charge of murder of a new born baby.

  • 02

    R v R, R and O 2019 Central Criminal Court

    Drew Pettifer acted for a mother charged with Perverting the Course of Justice and whose son was charged with Attempted Murder. The mother was acquitted following successful application to exclude evidence.

  • 03

    R v T et al 2019 Kingston upon Thames Crown Court

    GBH with intent.

  • 04

    R v G, B, A, S, S 2018 Winchester Crown Court

    Alphie Doran and Ruth Cassidy acted for clients charged with Murder following a dispute of drugs between gangs.

  • 05

    R v M and W 2017 Croydon Crown Court

    Alphie Doran and Drew Pettifer acted on behalf of W in ‘Operation Redside’ Murder where body was not recovered.

  • 06

    R v M 2017 Winchester Crown Court

    Alphie Doran acted in ‘Operation Gauge’ representing a Client charged with, and acquitted of, Murder in a baby shaking case.

  • 07

    R v B 2011 Guildford Crown Court

    Murder where victim was buried by the Defendant in her garden.

  • 08

    R v W 2011 – Guildford Crown Court Murder

    Defendant acquitted of murdering her husband after admitting the offence at the scene.

  • 09

    R v P (a Youth) 2017 Kingston upon Thames Crown Court 

    Autistic child charged with Attempted Murder following stabbing their mother eleven times.

  • 10

    R v A,A,A 2018 Guildford Crown Court

    Kidnap of children.

  • 10

    R v P, H et al 2014 Blackfriars Crown Court

    Drew Pettifer represented two clients acquitted after four-week trial on a charge of Prison Mutiny.