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Controlled Drug Offences

Accused of a drug offence?

We have extensive experience of dealing with clients charged alone or with others either jointly or in a conspiracy. When instructed from the outset we are particularly adept at providing advice that will provide you with a pathway through all stages of the case. 
We are used to dealing with huge amounts of electronic evidence and are adept at analysing such especially those cases involving “Encrochat” mobile phones. Not only have we defended members of Organised Crime Groups (OCG) in cases involving “Encrochat” mobile phones we have also defended a number of members of “County Lines” syndicates and people involved in “cuckooing” cases (members of a drug syndicate will take over the residence of a drug user and proceed to deal drugs from the address). 
We also have access to forensic experts enabling us to make challenges from anything to the purity of a drug to its alleged street value. Factors such as these are particularly significant for the purposes of sentence. 
We are also able to advise you on the impact of the consequent confiscation proceedings in the event you are convicted. 

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Some of the most common types of drug-related offences include:

    Possession with intent to supply a controlled drug
    Being knowingly concerned in the supply of a controlled drug
    Importation of a controlled drug
    Offering to supply a controlled drug
    Possession of a controlled drug
    Allowing premises to be used
    Production of a controlled drug

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Useful to know

Possession refers to something that is in the control of a defendant even if it is in the custody of another. This would cover a situation where the drugs were found on a person or even in the custody of someone else if being held for the defendant’s benefit. It is not necessary for a defendant to know exactly what type of drug they have custody or control of but they must know it is a controlled drug and therefore illegal to possess it. 
Supply is given its ordinary meaning and does not require a commercial transaction to have taken place before a person can be said to have supplied controlled drugs. Holding someone else’s drugs for them to collect is a form of supply; this would also include social supply such as sharing a joint or lines of drugs between friends. 

Offering to supply a controlled drug does not require a defendant to be in actual possession of the controlled drug subject of the offer or that he intended to produce said drugs. An offence of offering to supply can be prosecuted simply by proving the existence of an offer. The offer may be by words or conduct.
Being knowingly concerned refers to acts done by a defendant in preparation of the act of supplying a controlled drug. In contrast to the offence of offering to supply a controlled drug, here the prosecution has to prove there has been an offer to supply or an actual supply of said drugs. 


If a defendant can show one of the following:

    He neither knew, suspected, nor had reason to suspect the existence of some fact that the prosecution is required to prove, for example that he was in possession of the drug; or
    He neither believed, suspected, nor had reason to suspect that the substance in question was a controlled drug; or
    That he believed the product to be a controlled drug, which had it been that drug, would mean that he would not have been an offence at the time that he committed it.
    Then he will have a defence to charges of possession, possession with intent to supply, production or cultivation of controlled drugs.


At Levales Solicitors, we can provide a robust defence for drug-related offences as well as a number of other criminal matters. If you are facing criminal charges, speak with our team today to see how we can help you. Here are just a selection of the testimonials we have received from clients for our defence services:

Professional and got the result I wanted.

KC of Surrey

I can’t put into words how grateful I feel for all your effort on my behalf. I wish you all the very best it has been a real pleasure knowing you all.

PB of Surrey

Our cases

Please see below some of the drug-related cases we acted in. If you would like us to represent you for a drug charge or any other criminal matter, get in touch now.

  • 01

    AG Ref R v F 2021

    Ruth Cassidy acted in an Appeal by the Attorney General against sentence imposed for two counts of Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs.

  • 02

    R v M et al Liverpool CC April 2021

    Drew Pettifer and Sara Mitchell acted for a member of an Organised Crime Group prosecuted for Conspiracy to supply Class A drugs following the successful cracking of the Encrochat database by French authorities.

  • 03

    R v B and B et al 2019 Winchester Crown Court

    Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs.

  • 04

    R v O et al (a Youth) 2017 Winchester Crown Court 

    Drew Pettifer acted for a youth charged with Being knowingly concerned in the supply of Class A Drugs as part of a ‘County Lines’ drug operation.

  • 05

    R v M, et al 2017 Teesside Crown Court

    ‘Operation Bombay’ Conspiracy to Steal following a series of burglaries at hospitals up and down the country where Nitrous Oxide was stolen.